The “gekkomat“ can be deployed where it is needed to scale a wall without
external aids. Due to its unique construction the worldwide patented machine
suggests the following uses:

- Sport and Fun
- Lifesaving and Paramedical
- Building restoration and cleaning
- Paramilitary and Police Deployment
- Vacuum applications and Load carrying units

The "gekkomat's" commercial value is extremely high. For people looking for
something new, fun and exciting, it offers a 100% hit. The chance to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle exceeds the boundaries of past human experiences. That what is felt on the way down with a bungee rope is experienced on the way up.

Wherever fast access is necessary, lies the advantage of the "gekkomat".
Possible uses are lifesaving climbs, police deployment or construction
material testing. Just the chance to enter a close off environment and view the world from a new perspective has a special fascination for people.